The "PRO" version of TraxSecur™ combines overt and covert security features to deter malicious changes to open source information (like machine codes or text) by making those easy to detect. Authentication requires only an unmodified mobile phone camera.


Sometimes all that you require is a data-carrying authentication mark. And that's what you get with TraxSecur-DC™ .

Product Serialization

Some industries are already subject to government mandates to serialize products. Whether you are serializing or thinking about serializing, contact us to learn more, including about TraxSecur™ as an integral part of your serialization program.

See TraxSecur in action...

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Brand Protection Services

Expert brand protection consulting from VERINETICS. We help you to assess the scope of your problem, suggest appropriate solutions (even if they aren't ours!!), and predict on ROI on implementing those solutions.

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